Sport Scheduling Mobile App

Organizing your kid’s team or individual sporting activities used to be difficult, but not anymore thanks to Sporty Fox. Sporty Fox is the new mobile app that can help you take the guesswork out of where Tommy’s next basketball game will be or why Sally’s gymnastics tournament was postponed.

One of the biggest problems with group and team sports is communication, especially if you are a league operator that is trying to run 30 Little League teams or an APA Pool league organization that is tired of depending on social media to get the tournament locations out to your team members. Sporty Fox will give you more hours in the day than you know what to do with, and include groups, chat, calendars, video chat and much more.

With Sporty Fox your kids schedules will be easier as well. Thanks to Sporty Fox, your sons and daughters will know where they will be playing every week, and best of all, you can chat with the other parents, schedule car pools and much more when you schedule your own group chats.

The mapping tool on the Sporty Fox mobile app will give you game and meeting locations, team events and much more. If you are organizing a fund raising event, everyone will arrive on time thanks to the mapping tool on Sporty Fox.

Live Streaming
With the help of SKYPE, the coach, team leaders, and players can stream video calls and discuss game strategies and past game performances. Thanks to digital technology, everyone can participate without having to be in one place at the same time.

Coaches, managers, and parents can keep detailed notes of everything that is going on in the sporting league or organization. You can share your notes, or keep them private when you sign up for an annual membership with Sporty Fox.

Manage your organization, club, or team 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere on the planet with Sporty Fox. Download the mobile app now.