League Management Mobile App

Managing your league or club used to be incredibly time consuming, but thanks to the new Sporty Fox mobile app, you can avoid scheduling conflicts, last minute changes, or cancellations. Your iOS compatible phones, androids, tablets and pads can help you plan a baseball tournament in the next county or work out your summer Little League schedule. With Sporty Fox, you can even decide where the team will be headed for pizza after the game.

Sporty Fox makes running a sporting organization easy and takes the guesswork out of communicating with the team, the parents, and the rest of your coaching team. Sporty Fox is the economical way to make organization run as smoothly as possible.

Sporty Fox is the only mobile app you need and includes some of the following features:

Calendar-The calendar makes it easy to keep track of games, meetings, other sporting league, and team events. Chat-Chat with your team on the Sporty Fox App Video-Upload game and practice videos to YouTube My Groups-Create groups for chats and to share files My Team-Team list and contact numbers My Gallery-Upload photos for sharing Training-Training videos Events-List of meetings and sporting events Profile-Your teams profile

If that isn’t enough, you can also:

Map-Map out the location of your game, event, or meeting Notes-Take your own notes for easy access Share the app-Share the app with others, requires a user account Live stream-Download Skype and you can stream live video calls Contacts-Instant and easy access to your contact list Location-Send game, meeting and practice locations to team members and parents Store-Online equipment store Gift-Sports gifts and gift certificates

For a small annual fee, you and your sporting leagues and organizations can keep track of the things that used to take hours thanks to the new Sporty Fox mobile app and Sporty Fox website.

This year take control of your schedule and download the Sporty Fox mobile app today. You will not be disappointed. Download now.